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Subaru Outback (BR): Engine coolant - Subaru super coolant

Subaru Outback (BR) 2010-2015 Owners Manual / Specifications / Engine coolant - Subaru super coolant

The indicated coolant quantity is only a guideline. The necessary quantity for


The specified coolant quantity serves as a general reference and may vary slightly based on temperature and other variables. For comprehensive information regarding maintenance and servicing, consult the "Cooling system" section.

Engine coolant - Subaru super coolant


 Electrical system


 Tires specification in the table

  *1: This torque is equivalent to applying approximately 88 to 110 lbf (40 to 50 kgf) at the end of the wheel nut wrench. If you have tightened the wheel nuts by yourself, have the tighteni

 Wheel alignment

Item Legacy Outback 2.5 L non-turbo models Except 2.5 L non-turbo models  


 Choosing a child restraint system

Choose a child restraint system that is appropriate for the child’s age and size (weight and height) in order to provide the child with proper protection. The child restraint system should meet all applicable requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for United States or Canad

 Air Breather Hose

A: REMOVAL 1) Remove the air intake boot assembly. <Ref. to IN(H4SO)-8, REMOVAL, Air Intake Boot.> 2) Remove the two air breather hoses. 3) Remove the oil cap. B: INSTALLATION Install in the reverse order of removal. NOTE: Use new O-rings. C: INSPECTION Check the hose for peeling, crack

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