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Subaru Outback (BR): Indicator light for cruise control in Outback (2010-2015)

Subaru Outback (BR) 2010-2015 Owners Manual / Instruments and controls / Warning and indicator lights / Indicator light for cruise control in Outback (2010-2015)

The cruise control indicator light illuminates when the ignition switch is turned


The indicator light for cruise control becomes illuminated upon turning the ignition switch to the “ON” position and remains lit for around 3 seconds. Activation of this light also occurs when the “CRUISE” main switch is pressed.

It's worth noting that if you press the main switch button while simultaneously turning on the ignition switch, the cruise control function will be deactivated, and the “CRUISE” indicator light will start flashing. To reactivate the cruise control function, simply turn the ignition switch back to either the “Acc” or “LOCK” position, and then turn it back to the “ON” position.

However, if you notice that this indicator light and the CHECK ENGINE warning light or malfunction indicator lamp are flashing simultaneously while driving, it is advisable to promptly have your vehicle inspected by the nearest SUBARU dealer.

Indicator light for cruise control in Outback (2010-2015)

In conclusion, understanding the behavior of the cruise control indicator light and knowing how to reactivate the cruise control function is essential for optimal vehicle performance and safety. Keeping an eye on any unusual flashing of indicator lights and promptly addressing any issues through professional inspection can help ensure smooth and trouble-free driving experiences.


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