Subaru Outback manuals

Subaru Outback: Manual transmission oil


 Checking the oil level

Non-turbo models 1) Yellow handle Turbo models 1) Yellow handle Check the oil level monthly. 1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and stop the engine. 2. Pull out the level gauge, wipe it

 Recommended grade and viscosity

Each oil manufacturer has its own base oils and additives. Never use different brands together. For details, refer to “Manual transmission, front differential and rear differential gear oil” F

 Automatic transmission fluid


 Road Test

A: INSPECTION 1. GENERAL PRECAUTION Road tests should be conducted to properly diagnose the condition of CVT. CAUTION: Always observe the local traffic laws when performing the test. 2. D RANGE SHIFT FUNCTION Make sure the engine speed is 1,100 - 1,300 rpm while driving on the level road at 50 km/h

 General Description

A: SPECIFICATION 1. REAR DIFFERENTIAL When replacing a rear differential assembly, select the correct one according to the following table. NOTE: Using a different rear differential assembly will cause the drive train and tires to drag or emit abnormal noise. For option code, refer to "ID" se

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