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Subaru Outback (BR): Moonroof anti-entrapment feature

If the moonroof detects a significant object caught between its glass and the vehicle's roof while closing, it will automatically retract to the fully open position and halt. The anti-entrapment feature can also be triggered by a strong impact on the moonroof, even in the absence of any obstructions.


Do not try to test this feature with your fingers, hands, or any other body parts.


 Sun shade

The sun shade can be slid forward or backward by hand while the moonroof is closed. If the moonroof is opened, the sun shade also moves back.

 Instruments and controls

 Ignition switch

WARNING ● Never turn the ignition switch to “LOCK” while the vehicle is being driven or towed because that will lock the steering wheel, preventing steering control. And when the engine


 General Description of Mechanical

A: SPECIFICATION NOTE: US: Undersize OS: Oversize B: COMPONENT 1. V-BELT V-belt V-belt cover bracket V-belt tensioner ASSY Power steering pump bracket Generator Generator plate A/C compressor bracket A Idler pulley ASSY Stopper rod RH S

 Wheel replacement

When replacing wheels due, for example, to damage, make sure the replacement wheels match the specifications of the wheels that are fitted as standard equipment. Replacement wheels are available from SUBARU dealers. WARNING Use only those wheels that are specified for your vehicle. Wheels not

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