Subaru Outback manuals

Subaru Outback (BR): Drive belts

It is unnecessary to check the deflection of the drive belt periodically because your engine is equipped with an automatic belt tension adjuster. However, replacement of the belt should be done according to the maintenance schedule in the “Warranty and Maintenance Booklet”. Consult your SUBARU dealer for replacement.

If the belt is loose, cracked or worn, contact your SUBARU dealer.


 Manual transmission oil

 Checking the oil level in Manual transmission

  Non-turbo models 1) Yellow handle   Turbo models 1) Yellow handle Check the oil level monthly. 1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and stop the engine. 2. Pull out the level


 Catalytic converter

WARNING ● Avoid fire hazards. Do not drive or park the vehicle anywhere near flammable materials (e.g. grass, paper, rags or leaves), because the catalytic converter operates at very high temperatures. ● Keep everyone and flammable materials away from the exhaust pipe while the e


General Description A: COMPONENT Models other than C6 model C6 model Gasket Spring Chamber Rear exhaust pipe Cushion rubber (without protrusion) Self-locking nut Gasket Muffler Bolt Center exhaust pipe front upper cover Rear catalytic converter upper cover Center exhaust pipe

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