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Subaru Outback (BR): Photosensors in the mirror

The Subaru Outback (BR) features a mirror equipped with photosensors on both its front and rear sides. These sensors are designed to detect bright glare from headlights of vehicles behind you during nighttime driving. As a safety measure, the mirror automatically dims to reduce glare and ensure optimal visibility. It's important to avoid covering the sensors with stickers or other objects. Regularly clean the sensors using a dry, soft cotton cloth or an applicator to maintain their functionality.

Photosensors in the mirror Subaru Outback (BR)


 Compass calibration zones

Calibration Zones for Compass 1. Check the "Compass calibration zones" map displayed above to ensure that the compass zone setting matches your geographic area accurately. 2. Hold down t

 Compass calibration

1. If a “C” is displayed in the compass window, the compass needs to be calibrated. 2. Drive the vehicle in a circle at 5 mph (8 km/h) or less until the display reads a direction. 3. You can a

 Auto-dimming mirror with compass and HomeLink® (if equipped)

1) HomeLink® button 1 2) HomeLink® button 2 3) LED 4) HomeLink® button 3 5) Sensor 6) Automatic dimming on/off button 7) Compass display button 8) Compass display The auto-dimming mirror


 Front Hood

A: REMOVAL 1. FRONT HOOD INSULATOR Release the clips to remove the front hood insulator. CAUTION: Do not reuse any clips damaged during removal. The damaged clip cannot fix the insulator securely. Therefore, always replace with a new part. 2. FRONT HOOD SEAL Remove the clip, and remove the seal.

 Engine hood

To open the hood: 1. If the wiper blades are lifted off the windshield, return them to their original positions. 2. Pull the hood release knob under the instrument panel. 3. Release the secondary hood release by moving the lever between the front grille and the hood toward the left. 4. L

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