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Subaru Outback: Roll Connector


1) Position the front wheels straight ahead. (After moving a vehicle 5 m (16 ft) or more with front wheels positioned straight ahead, make sure that the vehicle moves straight ahead.)

2) Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

3) Disconnect the ground cable from battery and wait for at least 60 seconds before starting work.

4) Remove the driver's airbag module assembly.

  1. Using a hexagon wrench etc. wrapped by protective tape, insert the snap pins and release the locks (3 locations).

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

  1. Disconnect the horn harness and airbag connector and remove the airbag module assembly. <Ref. to AB-21, DRIVER'S AIRBAG MODULE, CURTAIN AIRBAG MODULE & PRETENSIONER, PROCEDURE, Airbag Connector.>

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

5) Remove the steering wheel.


  1. Disconnect the connector and remove the nut.
  2. Put alignment marks and remove the steering wheel.

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

6) Remove the steering column cover.

  1. Lower the lever of the steering column.
  2. Release the claws and remove the screws, then detach the steering column lower cover.

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

  1. Separate the steering column upper cover and steering upper cover, and remove the steering column upper cover.

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

7) Remove the roll connector.

CAUTION: Make sure that the roll connector is not turned from the original position.

  1. Disconnect the connector under the roll connector.
  2. Release the claws and remove the roll connector.

Subaru Outback. Airbag System


1) Before attaching a new roll connector, apply a thin coat of grease contained in the connector onto the areas shown by the arrows.

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

2) Install each part in the reverse order of removal.

3) Before installing steering wheel, be sure to adjust the direction of roll connector with steering. <Ref. to AB- 101, ADJUSTMENT, Roll Connector.>

Tightening torque:
Steering wheel: 39 N*m (3.98 kgf-m, 28.8 ft-lb)

Between column cover and steering wheel: 2 - 4 mm (0.08 - 0.16 in)



Check for the following, and replace the damaged parts with new parts.



1) Adjust the roll connector. <Ref. to AB-101, ADJUSTMENT, Roll Connector.>

2) Set the roll connector to the central position.

3) Connect the test harness to the connector E and connector F.

Preparation tool: Test harness N (98299SA000), Test harness Q (98299SA040)

4) With the following conditions, check the resistance between the test harness connector terminals.

Preparation tool: Circuit tester

Subaru Outback. Airbag System

NOTE: The connector D is designed to short the terminals D1/D2 and D3/D4 when disconnected.

5) Replace the roll connector with a new part if the inspection result is not within the standard value.



1) Check that front wheels are positioned in straight ahead direction.

2) Rotate the roll connector counterclockwise until it stops.

3) Rotate the roll connector clockwise approx. 3 turns until "" marks are aligned.

Subaru Outback. Airbag System


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