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Subaru Outback (BR): Tires and towing

Do not attempt to tow a trailer using the temporary spare tire. The temporary spare tire is not designed to handle the towing load and using it for towing can lead to tire failure or reduced vehicle stability.

Ensure that all tires on your vehicle are properly inflated. Please refer to the "Tires" section in this manual and the "GAS STATION REFERENCE" at the end of the manual for detailed information.

When towing a trailer, ensure that the trailer tires are in good condition, correctly sized, have the appropriate load rating, and are inflated to the proper pressure according to the trailer manufacturer's specifications.

If your vehicle experiences a flat tire while towing a trailer, contact a professional road service to repair the tire.

If you carry a full-size spare tire in your vehicle or trailer as a precaution against flat tires, ensure that the spare tire is securely fastened in place.


 Trailer towing tips

CAUTION ● Never exceed 45 mph (72 km/h) when towing a trailer in hilly country on hot days. ● When towing a trailer, steering, stability, stopping distance and braking performance wi

 Before starting out on a trip

● Check that the vehicle and vehicle-tohitch mounting are in good condition. If any problems are apparent, do not tow the trailer. ● Check that the vehicle sits horizontally with the tr

 Driving with a trailer

● You should allow for considerably more stopping distance when towing a trailer. Avoid sudden braking because it may result in skidding or jackknifing and loss of control. ● Avoid ab


 Rear wiper

To turn the rear wiper on, turn the knob on the end of the wiper control lever upward to the “INT” or “ON” position. To turn the wiper off, return the knob on the end of the lever to the “OFF” position. With the switch turned to the “INT” position, the rear wiper will operate i

 Transmission Harness

A: REMOVAL 1) Remove the transmission from the vehicle. <Ref. to CVT-55, REMOVAL, Automatic Transmission Assembly.> 2) Prepare for overhaul. <Ref. to CVT-135, Preparation for Overhaul.> 3) Remove the transmission harness ground terminal and remove the harness connectors from front wh

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