Subaru Outback manuals

Subaru Outback (BR): Roof Molding


CAUTION: Be careful not to damage the body.

1) Remove the roof rail assembly. (OUTBACK model) <Ref. to EI-59, REMOVAL, Roof Rail.>

2) Turn over the front end of roof molding.

3) Using a flat tip screwdriver, slide the internal clip in the direction of arrow.

Subaru Outback. Exterior/Interior Trim

Right: Slide toward vehicle front.

Left: Slide toward vehicle rear.

4) Remove the clip from the stud on the body by sliding it.

Subaru Outback. Exterior/Interior Trim

Subaru Outback. Exterior/Interior Trim

5) Remove the roof molding from the vehicle body by pulling it upward.


1) Remove the clips from the roof molding and attach them on the stud on body.


Subaru Outback. Exterior/Interior Trim

2) Apply the front end of roof molding to the front window, and attach the front positioning clip to the rivet on body.

Subaru Outback. Exterior/Interior Trim

  1. Windshield
  2. Positioning clip
  3. Roof molding
  4. Rivet
  5. Clip

3) While pressing the roof molding from above, connect the roof molding with clips.

Roof Rail


1) Remove the roof trim. <Ref. to EI-145, OUTBACK MODEL, REMOVAL, Roof Trim.>

2) Remove the curtain airbag module. <Ref. to AB-66, OUTBACK MODEL, REMOVAL, Curtain Airbag Module.>


3) Remove the eight installing nuts.

Subaru Outback. Exterior/Interior Trim


CAUTION: When removing or installing the roof rail, be careful not to scratch the body panel with the stud bolt of roof rail.

Install each part in the reverse order of removal.

Tightening torque: 7.5 N*m (0.76 kgf-m, 5.5 ft-lb)


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